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History of Buck Shoals Cabins

The name Buck Shoals came from years ago when the Elders named it for seeing Big Bucks on the shoals.  Ownership of the Mill dates back to the 1780’s when a man names John Allen owned it.  It was a milling company, cotton mill and then a grist mill.

About the end of the Civil War in March of 1865 around 4,000 cavalrymen raided North Carolina.  On April 1, 1865 nearly 100 mounted troops from the 11th Kentucky Cavalry were dispatched to burn down Buck Shoals Mill along with 2 other Mills in the area.  These were chosen because they were the industrial centers of the region.  With the machines at Buck Shoals Mill still running, the troops paused long enough to trade cloth with the workers before torching the Mill.


The Mill, at different times used to be a grist mill, cotton mill, saw mill, post office, block making company and until the 1920’s made chicken coops.  In the 1930’s the old wooden dam washed out and was replaced with a concrete dam.


In the 1950’s, Milling was discontinued.  In 1960 the local fire department burned the old mill down due to safety concerns.  The old bridge that crossed the creek was removed.  Today the foundation of the Mill and the road still stands. 

History of the Browns

In 2000, we bought the property.  There are many landmarks that remain on site.  The old foundations, the old block making machine, the original grist mill stone, and many old structures that were built from the blocks that were manufactured on the property. 

Currently the old family dairy farm trench silo that was used to store grain for the cows, has been transformed into a beautiful vacation rental cabin. 

In 2019 we made the decision to save the old milking parlor and dairy barn.  Our goal was to preserve the rich history of the property, yet maintain the integrity of the surrounding landscape and wildlife.

Our wish now is to share with you the beauty that is Buck Shoals, and hope that you will help us in maintaining and respecting the land and wildlife.  It is now time for you to become a part of the Buck Shoals History.  Come and see and enjoy all we have to offer. 

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